Statement of Illinois Republican Governor Candidate, Gary Rabine, on Richard Irvin’s law-and-order ads.

January 25, 2022   For Immediate Release   Woodstock, Illinois - “Pretend Republican candidate for Governor, Richard Irvin, continues the deception today as he rolls out his commercials claiming to be the law-and-order candidate. Let’s do a reality check. Irvin has spent the last twenty years representing criminals and doing his best to keep them out of jail. His clients aren’t just low-level criminals but rather the full range of bad guys from domestic violence offenders to murderers. The crime rates during his tenure as Mayor of Aurora, his support for defunding the police, sanctuary cities and BLM, tells us loud ...

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Statement of Illinois GOP Governor Candidate, Gary Rabine, on Mayor Richard Irvin’s entry into the Illinois Governor’s race.

Woodstock, Illinois -- “I would like to welcome Aurora Mayor, Richard Irvin, to the governor’s race and to the Illinois Republican Party. After years of pulling Democratic primary ballots in years when Pat Quinn, Hillary and Joe Biden were top of the ticket, I am interested to hear what changed your mind on party affiliation. Equally compelling will be your explanation on supporting sanctuary cites and your effusive praise for Governor Pritzker. But I guess that’s what campaigns are all about.” “I am a life-long, conservative Republican. I am pro-life, pro-gun and a fiscal hawk. I founded my now nationwide business ...

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Gary Rabine applauds IL Association of School Boards for leaving national association

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine is releasing the following statement on the decision of the Illinois Association of School Boards to terminate its membership in the National School Boards Association in the wake of the recent letter the national group sent to the Biden Administration seeking a federal investigation into parents protesting at school board meetings. “I applaud the decision of the Illinois Association of School Boards to leave the national association. The National School Boards Association seems more interested in perpetuating woke ideology than they are on ensuring kids have a good education. Parents have every right to question the ...

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Gary Rabine’s Statement on OSHA’s decision to suspend COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate on employers

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine, candidate for Governor, is issuing the following statement on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suspending the implementation of and the enforcement of the mandatory vaccine mandate on businesses and employees. “This is a big win for the rights of small business owners and the working men and women these businesses employ. There is still a long way to go in the ongoing litigation against the Biden Administration, but the decision to suspend the enforcement of the mandate ensures small owners and their employees will be protected while the courts deliberate. I am proud the ...

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Gary Rabine: Biden Administration’s actions reveal true intent of vaccine mandates

Woodstock, IL – The Biden Administration’s attempt to defy a court-ordered stay on the vaccine mandate on small business owners clearly shows what the mandates are really all about, according to Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Gary Rabine. “The Biden Administration knows the vaccine mandate is not Constitutional and so they are leaning on businesses to implement the mandate on their own accord to get as many compliant companies as possible before the courts strike the mandate down,” Rabine said. “This is – as it always been – about control and expanding the reach of the federal government. The Biden Administration is ...

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