Illinois now has the highest cumulative taxes in the nation. Out-of-control property taxes are driving good people and great jobs out of Illinois and those who stay struggle to make ends meet.

Our property taxes are 100% to 300% higher than the average of all other states in America; often our property taxes are much higher than our mortgages. Middle-class and working families struggle more than ever to own a home.

We can rebuild Illinois by making it affordable for our citizens to live here, that’s why we need a tax fighter like Gary Rabine as our Governor.

Here’s what Gary will do to make Illinois competitive again.

  • No tax increases.
  • Crush property taxes to compete with the average property taxes in America. This alone would save 50-70% on annual taxes and raise the value of your property substantially fast.
  • Incentivize investments in home ownership and commercial property ownership in struggling neighborhoods to spark growth.