Education is the key to a successful future for Illinois. Gary Rabine understands that education is the best way we can empower our children.  Every kid in Illinois deserves the best education, regardless of where they come from.  These kids will be competing in a global economy for the rest of their lives, we have to give them a great start. We should have the best, but the current system is failing our children.

When Gary founded his nonprofit called True Mentors, it was because he understood the need for young people in Illinois to have mentors that can help lead them to success. Inspiring people to be the best they can be is the key to leadership.

Gary is the product of a public high school and no college education. By learning multiple skilled trades in high school, he was able to bypass college and start his career at 18 in the paving and landscaping business. Education is paramount, but success is not always based on how one is educated. Mentorship and skilled jobs training is a much-needed area of education that can help kick-start career success while limiting the amount of college debt.

As Governor, Gary Rabine will assemble the leading minds in education and put together a series of common-sense reforms that will make our schools stronger and ensure that our children have the resources they need to pursue the Illinois American Dream.