Woodstock, ILGary Rabine, a candidate for Governor, is issuing the following statement on the ongoing efforts to pass an energy bill in Springfield.

“Electricity is an essential part of modern life. Electricity heats and cools our homes. It saves lives in hospitals and powers essential modern tools such as computers, tablets, cell phones and automobiles. We all depend on electricity being accessible, affordable, and reliable. We in Illinois have been blessed with some of the best, most competitive energy in America, these blessings could end soon.

 The energy legislation being considered in Springfield will impact every person in Illinois. We all have a stake in this bill and we all should be very concerned about what the eventual outcome could be.

The bill Gov. Pritzker is pushing is essentially a gift to extremists who want to close coal plants before we have any realistic energy alternatives. Our commitment to clean energy should not come at the expense of affordability and reliability. We need to give companies time to adjust to the transformation to clean energy. 

Illinois residents simply want their energy costs to be competitive with or without alternative options. Working class families in Illinois are experiencing the highest cost in taxes in America, closing our most efficient energy producing facilities will increase our energy cost and our families cost of living. We must not accept that.

Some say this is an environmental issue, I see this as forcing us to be energy dependent as we are forced to use dirtier coal and energy from other states. This not only ruins thousands of jobs while eliminating millions in tax income, but it also will prevent us from managing the environmental quality of our own energy. The net result of this elimination of Illinois natural resources will be another major pothole on the road to ruining our great state. 

The legislation is stalled but the issue is not going away any time soon. I urge the Governor and the legislators to stop putting politically connected insiders ahead of the people of Illinois. The goal of any energy legislation should be to ensure: 

  • Energy costs remain affordable for working people,
  • Energy jobs stay in Illinois,
  • Energy alternatives are readily available in all parts of the state, and
  • Energy is consistent and is in supply during Illinois’ cold winters and hot summers

Pritzker’s bill is nothing but a payoff to political insiders. What we need is an open and honest process that puts the needs of Illinois residents first. So far, all Governor Pritzker has offered is more of the same. Illinois working families and small businesses deserve better. They deserve reliability and affordable rates.”


For Immediate Release
June 18, 2021
Contact: Travis Akin

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