Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine, Republican candidate for Illinois Governor, says Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race sends a clear message that voters want candidates who will stand up for families and oppose the far-left agenda of woke politicians.

“I have met Glenn Youngkin and I can tell you he is a common-sense leader who can’t be bought,” Rabine said. “Throughout his campaign, Glenn sounded the alarm about the war on families. Instead of ignoring the concerns of parents, he embraced them. Not only was his message the right message, but it proved to be a winning message.”


Rabine said woke politicians in Illinois should be worried. In 2022 people in Illinois will stand up for Life, Liberty and Freedom as Virginia has.


“Governor Pritzker wants to be the wokest of the woke and he continues to ignore common sense and continues to wage his war on families,” Rabine said. “He has doubled down on vaccine mandates and mask mandates. He has signed legislation to put sexually explicit and borderline pornographic material into classrooms and he has pushed legislation to take away the Right of Conscience for working people. While Pritzker was not on the ballot in Virginia, his far-left views were. Voters in Virginia rejected woke politics and I am confident voters in Illinois will do the same.”

Published On: November 3rd, 2021 / Categories: Press /