Today we witnessed how out of touch our billionaire Governor, JB Pritzker, is with the people of

Illinois. In his State of the State/Budget address today, he described the State of Illinois in terms

that only someone who spends his days in the cocoon of a North-side mansion or private jet

could use. JB Pritzker has not done one thing to improve the fundamental fiscal trajectory of the

state. Biden paid off JB’s Illinois credit cards last year but we are still in a fiscal death-spiral. A

one-time bailout from the federal government does not equate with sound fiscal management.

Millions of dollars spent on TV and digital ads doesn’t turn fantasy into reality either. The

truth is that Illinois, outside of the Astor Street Mansion, is far different than what JB described

today. Chicago and its suburbs are the crime capitols of the country. Our unfunded public

pension liability is at $130 billion – the worst in the nation. Our state has lost hundreds of

thousands of jobs due to JB’s heavy handed, unilateral decision to shut down the state’s

economy. We are the highest taxed state in the country and more people left Illinois in the last

decade than any other state. All might be well with the wine and cheese crowd but for the rest of

us, it’s time for a new direction in Illinois.

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