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Gary Rabine was born and raised in the great state he loves, Illinois. His family is here, his businesses are here, he wants to create the future we should look forward to.


Gary is a family man who cherishes the time he spends with his four adult children and three grandchildren. He lost his wife and partner of 35 years last fall after a long battle against brain cancer. During this 52-month battle, hundreds of friends and family stepped up to show their constant support for Gary and his family. The love and support from his wife, family, and friends have provided him with the strength and encouragement to now focus on serving a larger community, Illinois.


He learned the value of work from his father, who worked night shifts in a factory and kept multiple jobs to support their family of 8. Gary started working when he was about 10 years old. A paper boy, who also mowed lawns and dumpster dove for recycled cans and refundable pop bottles. Through high school, Gary worked with his dad in residential services and also worked for a small paving company.

Right out of high school, Gary began in the paving business and soon partnered with his dad. Starting in the northwest part of Illinois, it grew steadily, paving driveways and parking lots throughout Illinois. By 2011, the Rabine Group became a national leader able to pave parking lots in all 50 states

Gary’s competitive passion has inspired their team of leaders to build over 30 businesses right here in Illinois. Rabine Group businesses are able to serve customers in every Illinois county and in every state. Gary knows the importance of keeping jobs here at home, and he’s proud that almost all of his businesses have been started and grown in our state.

Gary’s businesses lead in environmental innovation and green initiatives. The Rabine Group headquarters houses Rabine University where the Rabine team educates customers, the industry and teammates on innovative solutions. The Rabine Group headquarters recently won an award for most environmentally friendly building.

Gary’s vision for Illinois is to be the best entrepreneurial environment of any state in the middle of the greatest country in the world.

Gary Rabine on the Job
Gary Rabine's Family Growing Up
Gary Rabine Serving the Community


Gary and his late wife started the Rabine Group Foundation because serving our communities is a passion of his. The foundation’s board is made up of members of the Rabine family as well as associates from the Rabine Group companies focused on serving children, elderly, veterans & homeless in the many communities of Illinois. Each of the Rabine Group companies gives a percentage of their profits to the foundation on an annual basis.

Gary started an organization called True Mentors with his co-founder Quinton James, which was an organization that recruited executive leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs to mentor younger aspiring leaders across the Chicagoland area.

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