March, 22, 2022

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I am honored to receive the endorsement of Lt. General Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, decorated war hero and patriot. General Flynn recognizes that we need to elect a principled, life-long conservative who has the experience to fix the mess in Illinois created by Mike Madigan and JB Pritzker. His statement in support of my campaign is below

“Today, I proudly endorse and pledge my full support to Gary Rabine for Governor of Illinois. Our nation needs more leaders like Gary to step forward and serve. Gary is a self-made business success story. A man of principle, integrity and passion for public service. He believes that the power of government is derived from the citizens and that individual freedoms are sacrosanct. Gary’s contributions to the conservative movement are unequaled by any other candidate this election cycle – he does not just talk conservative, he takes action.

For example, Gary filed the lawsuit against Biden’s unconstitutional employer vaccine mandate. He refused to fire any of his employees over their personal decision to receive or not receive a Covid vaccine. Gary pursued the case and fought all the way to the United States Supreme Court and won. That ruling was one of most significant victories for personal freedom in decades and created a ripple effect easing overreaching government mandates nationwide. Gary helped protect over 80 million American workers and will always put the citizens of Illinois and America first.

Gary Rabine is a good and decent man, a family man and a man of faith. And in Illinois, it must start there. With good people willing to take on difficult battles and willing to bear personal risk to serve and protect the freedoms that we as citizens hold so dear.”



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