Statement of Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate, Gary Rabine, on failure to prosecute criminals in Cook County

February 10, 2022

For Immediate Release

JB Pritzker’s soft-on-crime policies which went into effect just weeks ago are now taking hold and criminals who commit the most serious offenses are not being prosecuted. JB has failed miserably in his primary obligation as Governor—keeping Illinois residents safe. All of this, with an assist from the worst Prosecutor and best Public Defender in the country, Kim Foxx. People are committing murder in Cook County and getting away with it.

We need to immediately repeal Pritzker’s Safe-T Act which is the softest-on-crime piece of legislation in Illinois history. But we need to go one step further. The day I am sworn in as Governor of Illinois, I will introduce legislation allowing voters to recall rogue State’s Attorneys like Kim Foxx. Illinois residents should not be held hostage and harmed by woke and out of touch public officials who are supposed to keep us safe.


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