January 25, 2022


For Immediate Release


Woodstock, Illinois – “Pretend Republican candidate for Governor, Richard Irvin, continues the deception today as he rolls out his commercials claiming to be the law-and-order candidate. Let’s do a reality check. Irvin has spent the last twenty years representing criminals and doing his best to keep them out of jail. His clients aren’t just low-level criminals but rather the full range of bad guys from domestic violence offenders to murderers. The crime rates during his tenure as Mayor of Aurora, his support for defunding the police, sanctuary cities and BLM, tells us loud and clear that his approach to law and order is right out of the Kim Foxx – JB Pritzker woke playbook, where victims are an afterthought and justice is only served when the jails are empty.” “But it goes beyond helping criminals beat the rap. Last election, ‘Democrat-running-as-a-Republican-Irvin’ fully supported his criminal defense attorney law partner as she ran against a law-and-order Republican in Kane County. Yes, the guy seeking the nomination for Governor as a Republican fully and actively supported a far-left criminal defense lawyer over a law-and-order Republican. Don’t be fooled by the smoke-screen. Richard Irvin is a left-leaning Democrat and does not support the policies that will end the crime wave in Illinois. We do not need another Democrat as Illinois Governor.”


Rabine, 58, is a business builder and Chairman of The Rabine Group of companies, father of four and grandfather of three. He and his wife grew up and raised their family in Lake and McHenry Counties, here in llinois. Rabine started in the paving business shortly after graduating high school; this became the Rabine Group of companies, which today does business in all fifty

states and is headquartered out of Cook County in Schaumburg. To learn more about Gary Rabine, visit https://rabineforgovernor.com/.


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